"Fitness Hacks That Will Make Exercising Easier: will play music from your library to match your pace."
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"Hit the internet to find out the beats per minute of a song and whether it will correlate to your fitness goals." Read more »
"Head to to find the best songs for you." Read more »

Men's Health
" can take some of the guesswork out of it by finding the right songs for your pace."
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Scientific American
"Web sites and smartphone apps such as help people match the tempo of their workout music to their running pace"
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" is a great resource for finding the best music for your cadence."
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Runner's World Magazine
May, 2012 Issue

Real Simple Magazine
October, 2011 Issue

Shape Magazine
July, 2011 Issue
"You know those songs that always make you run a little faster? Find a whole workout's worth at"

Woman's Day
"Power through your walk with a playlist designed just for you. "
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How Music Can Enhance Your Workout »

"If you're looking to create playlists specially tuned for your workouts, is a very useful tool."
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" is looking to transform your jogs, strolls, and runs with music."
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"This App Got Me Running Again."
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“Think of it as the musical equivalent of a grizzled-but-tuneful track coach—providing just the right amount of motivation to get you to the finish line”
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“Jogging is significantly more fun when you’re not doing it / at least listening to good tunes at”
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Women's World Magazine
May 16, 2011 Issue
"Hot website for motivating workout music"

“ is a great resource for some tunes to help you power through your next 5k training session.”
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“The only thing better than good exercise is good exercise with compatible music.”
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Print edition – Tuesday, April 12, 2011
“The perfect type of music to help motivate”

“What’s the soundtrack to your life in motion? could probably tell you.”
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“It’s like having a DJ and personal trainer in your ear.”
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“This site is bound to provide you with enough tunes to keep on running from dawn till dusk…”
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