lorisTIME33's walking playlist

This playlist is available in 3 parts:

Songs in this part: The Hard Way, Holy Ghost Party, A Man Like That, Ignition (Hot Wired Remix), Ain't No Grave, I'm Coming Home, Little White Church, 123 Victory, Guilty, Exalted One, Let It Be Known, Higher, Sparrows, No Longer Slaves, Love Broke Thru, Run Devil Run, Creed, Sometimes By Step, Sing Your Praise to the Lord, My One Thing
Songs in this part: Change In the Making, Won't Let Me Go, All Because of Jesus, Can't Keep a Good Man Down, Our God Reigns Here, Yes, Man of the Valley, We Live, This Is Your Time, Instead (Stacie Orrico Album Version), I Think You Know, Jesus, Didn't It Rain, Come Alive (Dry Bones), Chain Breaker, Burn Like a Star, Unfinished, Bulletproof, No Turning Back, Rescue Me
Songs in this part: Hills and Valleys, God Is On the Move, Never Been a Moment, Same Power, Can't Be Moved, You Are Able, Warrior, Victory, Strawberry Fields Forever, Times Like These, Smoky Mountain Rain, Lie to Me, Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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